Technology to enable shared rides for:

Airlines / Travel Tech


Airlines and Travel Technology Companies can now easily provide a safe, cost effective, sustainable travel alternative to their passengers

Why RideShair?

Our partners can increase ancillary revenue and meet their customers' needs by offering a more sustainable, cheaper airport transfer alternative via their existing web and mobile applications. Our first product connects passengers travelling on the same flight so they can share airport transfers to or from up to 3,000 airports globally.

We enable Airlines and Travel Technology Companies to tap into currently missed revenue streams - passengers who take a taxi, Uber, Lyft or public transport to or from the airport for the first and last mile of their journey.

Increase ancillary revenue

Passengers will be charged a booking fee to use the RideShair platform that will be split 70:30 in favour of our partners


Sustainable Transfer Option

RideShair reduces the number of single occupancy vehicles and provides detailed reports on the reduction in CO2 emissions

Safer Transfer with Covid

Only share with one other person eliminating contact on public transport, automatic contact tracing ability and convenient door-to-door

The App

Leading technology is used to deliver an exceptional and a beautifully smooth user experience on any device and every browser


Tell us where you are going

Access our platform from your airlines web or mobile applicaitons, enter your flight details and taxi destination

We will recommend RideShair groups to you

Our algorithms will recommend the most appropriate group, ensuring the cheapest and most direct route

Join a group and save

With Stripe as our payment partner, our fare splitting algorithms ensure you only pay for your portion of the trip

Pre-booked, pre-paid, meet and greet service

A premium service at a budget cost. Share an airport transfer in a clean, disinfected car without needing to queue at the rank or take public transport

Security and Digital Review

Passengers will have travelled on their passports and been through security and there’s a digital review system for further digitising trust

How RideShair groups work 


We ensure that only the appropriate groups are recommended to each passenger. If there are no shared groups going in the passenger’s direction, the passenger can create their own group.

As we use airport transfer vehicles and not shuttles or buses like most shared airport transfer companies, we ensure that you get to your destination as quickly as possible. We will provide passengers with the duration to destination and projected drop-off sequence.

With a meet and greet service, passengers won't need to queue at a taxi rank or take public transport where contact tracing is difficult.


Ready for your organisation

Branding or White-label

The RideShair platform can be customised to completely reflect the identity of your brand. This ensures a consistent user experience for your passengers


Our regular reporting provides comprehensive insights into pre and post airport destinations,  as well as total reduction in CO2 emissions by using RideShair over single-occupancy transport options


All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The platform is built in compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001

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