Technology to enable shared rides for:

Airlines / Corporates / Micromobility


RideShair is a white-label, digital platform that enables shared rides globally, reducing the need for single occupancy vehicles.

How it works

The RideShair platform integrates directly with our partner’s web and mobile applications helping companies around the world launch their own-branded shared transfer service, creating lucrative new revenue streams and key consumer insights on travel destinations.

API Integration

Simple API integration through our comprehensive partner integration engine

Advanced Algorithms

With capabilities like route optimisation and fare splitting, our algorithms ensure the cheapest and most convenient route for end users

Branded Experience

Our white-label platform can be customised to reflect the identiy of your brand

The Platform

Our white-label platform has been designed and built in a modular way. We use the latest in microservice technologies, ensuring new suppliers and partners can seamlessly plug in to the RideShair platform.



Automatic integration with our supply and payment providers (Stripe & PayPal). Technologies used: Java, React, AWS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, TensorFlow

Full end-to-end passenger trip data

Anonimised reports on full passenger end-to-end trip data, providing partners with valuable insights  and the ability to promote additional targeted products and services

Partners increase revenue and passengers reduce costs

Partners will increase ancillary revenue from missed revenue streams (Taxis, Ubers, Public Transport). Our algorithms will ensure the cheapest and most direct route for passengers

Reduction in single occupancy vehicles

By promoting shared airport transfers to and from airports globally, we aim to greatly reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles which will reduce congestion and CO2 emissions

Secure, encrypted data

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and the platform is built in compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001

Why RideShair?

RideShair provides a positive sum arrangement for all parties in the eco-system.

Our partners (increase revenue, get end-to-end passenger trip data and cross-sell and up-sell existing products), their passengers (get a cheap, convenient and more secure transfer. RideShair users avoid public transport and long taxi queues where contact tracing is difficult). All cars are clean and disinfected and our suppliers, greatly increase their bookings.


We only use private, vetted insured drivers. We also know that passenegrs have travelled on their passports and have been through security

Women Only

RideShair provides a women only shared ride option providing solo female travellers with a more secure transfer alternative  

Transfer Access

Our existing supply partnerships enable us to offer shared transfers at over 3000 airports globally

Our Partners

Sustainable Mobility


Our vision is to help accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable mobility, by providing a platform where people can share rides and ultimately choose electric-only options when travelling.

Our platform has been designed in a modular way for the coming electric revolution, where we will continuously incorporate electric only vehicles (taxis, shuttles, rental cars) into our offering as they become available.

Our software is agnostic and can be rolled out across multiple verticals. Some of the current use cases are listed below:


Environmental  Benefits

Reduction in single occupancy vehicles

Relying on cars for personal transportation means operating a transportation system which functions at 1% capacity! By sharing, we can significantly reduce the number of vehicles on our roads


Reduction in CO2

The RideShair app provides passengers with their total reduction in CO2 emissions upfront so they can see the environmental benefit of sharing a transfer. Detailed reports are also provided to our partners

Reduction in congestion and time of getting to destination

Why not use a bike or scooter as an eco-friendly means to get around a city? With micromobility, a 40 minute bus ride becomes a 9-minute scooter ride



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