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Micromobility solutions provide an environmentally friendly and fun way to travel across cities.


The introduction of ridesharing and dockless mobility into cities has highlighted both the challenges and opportunities of the new urban mobility landscape. Scooters/bikes can replace short, congestion-inducing car trips and ‘ridesharing’ can extend the reach of public transit to move people more efficiently. is an aggregation app for shared mobility services across Poland with 60k downloads and a 4.7 star rating on Google Play.

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Ridesharing, Bikes, Scooters and more

Hundreds of vehicles are waiting to be rented in cities across Poland - cars, vans, scooters, bicycles and electric kick scooters

Everything in One Place

Directly from the Loko app, discover a comprehensive selection of Polands' largest micromobility companies. No ads, no registration, and no juggling applications

Simple, Convenient and Fast

All relevant information in an optimised application with extensive filters, parking zones, and compatibility with dark mode

Sustainable Mobility


Over half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, and that could climb to two-thirds by 2050.

In most cities, the current transportation system is dominated by single-occupancy cars, which have a negative impact on health, environment, space and safety. Europe is pushing cities towards car free cities to combat these issues. Loko provides shared, sustainable micromobility as an alternative transport option within cities.

With Loko, a 40-minute car ride can become a 9-minute scooter ride.


Polish Cities

Loko currently operates in 11 cities across Poland, aggregating the largest micromobility players such as Lime and Bird into a single app. Current cities and companies listed below:


Panek, Lime, Hive, Bird, Traficar, Innogy e-Car, 4mobility, Hop.City, Blinkee, CityBee, Veturilo - City Bike


Vozilla, Traficar, Panek, Lime, Hive, Bird, Blinkee, Hop.City, GoBuzz, CityBee, WRM - City Bike


Traficar, Easyshare, Lime, Bird, Click2Go, 4mobility, Blinkee, Ecoshare, CityBee, PRM - City Bike


Traficar, Blinkee, Hive, Bird, Hulaj, CityBee, Wavelo - City Bike


Traficar, Panek, MiiMove, Blinkee, Hop.City, Ecoshare, Yumi, CityBee, Hive, Quick, Logo, Mevo - City Bike


Easyshare, Blinkee, Hop.City, CityBee, Traficar, Volt Scooters, ŁRP - City Bike, Rowerowe Łódzkie


Traficar, Tauron eCar, GreenGoo, Hop.City, CityBee, Hive, Hulaj, Logo, City Bike


Panek, Blinkee, Traficar, CityBee, Lublin City Bike


Hop.City, Ecoshare, Cabbi, Bike_S


Blinkee, CityBee, Bydgoszcz Agglomeration Bicycle




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